By Her Family’s Side
                                                             (based on a true story)
  How did a day at the most magical place on earth end up with Bailey fearing for her life?
It was an ordinary hot spring Tuesday at Bailey’s elementary school
“ Wilbur Charter” when the phone rang In Bailey’s classroom. Bailey is a 10 year old respectful girl. She has strawberry blonde hair and Freckles.
“Bailey you’re leaving,”her teacher yelled with a mysterious voice.
      She quickly jumped out of her  seat and packed everything up. Bailey had no idea why her dad was picking her up. As soon she rushed down the stairs she saw her sister     and her friend walking quickly to the car. “
Brooke, Angelina” she yelled out questionable,  
“Do you know why we are getting picked up ”she asked walking as fast as she could to catch up to them . Her sister looked at her like she was dumb. Angelina (Bailey’s sister) is two years younger than Bailey, Angelina had long brown hair, golden skin and is known for speaking her mind.
“ Of course not, but Brooke is coming with us,”Angelina said excited. Brooke is also 10 but so much different than Angelina. As they got in the car there dad was smiling.
“ Dad where are we going?”  Bailey said curiously while putting on her  chap stick. Her dad looked back at us with a great big smile on his face.
Bailey, Angelina and Brooke all screamed happily. The drive was a little bit over an hour, but when we arrived it was all worth it. Brooke’s mom had met them there and then they went on a few rides. It was so much fun, they went on Splash mountain, It's a small world, Space mountain and the cups. After they were done going on the ride’s her dad and Brooke's mom decided that they would go watch the water works show in California Adventure! Bailey, Angelina, and Brooke were so excited because they had never seen the water works show. As the group entered the new park,it was already sorta dark. Bailey walked in first and an employee was handing out glow sticks, so she got five for all the people she was with,and now this is where things went horrible. Later they found a nice spot to sit for the water show, Bailey started to bite nervously on her glow stick.  For the next 30 seconds Bailey was still chewing on the green glow stick , and then it happened. SPLAT! The plastic broke and all the gooey neon green glowing goop was all over her clothes, shoes, hair, and on her tongue!!  Bailey sat there shocked until she started thinking, is this poisonous? As soon as that question entered her mind Bailey jumped up and ran to her dad.
“Daa” she whimpered,
Yes Bailey”, he said as he looked up from his phone as the reflection from the light lit up his face..
Bailey motioned to her tongue, but her dad didn't understand what she was doing,so Bailey went to Joey (Brooke's mom who is a doctor).
“Joeeey” She said trying so hard to talk without swallowing all the cunk in her mouth, “Mmm ongue” Bailey screamed, but Joey didn't understand either.
Bailey grew very impatient and scared, so she ran to a local bathroom. When she entered the blue walled bathroom she sprinted to the sink and washed the neon gooey stuff out of her mouth. Soon after,  Bailey walked outside the bathroom to go back to her spot, but she couldn't find her family. It was a  disaster, her clothes were ruined, her shoes were ruined, and Bailey couldn't find her family to enjoy the first water works show with. Balling her eyes out Bailey wailed for her family
“DAD, ANGELINA” Bailey yelled in frustration.
As Bailey walked down further she remembered the employee that was standing there making sure that no one got trampled and everything was okay, so she looked down that area and found her dad looking around screaming,
“BAILEY, Bailey where are you”.
Bailey ran to him and hugged him like she had not seen him in years or just met her idol. “
“I’m sorry dad”, Bailey said wiping the tears streaming from her face.’’
It’s okay” her dad said in a cool voice, “ next time just lead me with you”. For that night Bailey never left her family’s side and learned not to chew on glow sticks.
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