Week 3-4 Images and Attribution/Creative Commons

Activity 1: Copyright Guidelines

On the Internet its very simple to create things online. It is fairly easy for someone to edit or tamper with your creation, just if you share it with them. Although, if you don't want someone sending your creation out online it could be stooped because of the law. Copyright is when someone takes your work and changes it or claims it as their own without the original creators permission. In the United States, their is a law for copyright.  The law states that without the Creators endorsement, no one can edit or share that persons work. Nonetheless, some creators are alright with people using there original work. However, to still use that persons work you have to get a licence from the creator. The license says the restrictions on the original source. Therefore, it is up to that one creators (or many) to decide if you can use their work. 

Activity 2: Optional

Activity 3:

Image result for Lion
Silence has approached
slow movement toward his scent
His big golden mane lowers to his paws ready to attack
Crawling closer and closer
the pray has been trapped

Activity 4:
Image result for forest

On one crisp autumn morning  two sisters ( Adrienne and Katy) decide to explore in the forest right next to their cabin, in Michigan. As soon as the sisters enter the forest, for Katy already has a bad feeling, but Adrienne bickers to keep going. Katy is 14 and very down to earth, while Adrienne is 15 and a littler more in the clouds. As the girls keep walking dead silence approaches. Katy just taking pictures of all the stunning things he see's  starts to here ruffling above her, scared to look she whispers to Adrienne. As they look up they spot giant leopard sleeping in the tree, As the girls look down at each other, they sprint as fast trying to get back to there cabin, for they find themselves lost in the forest.
Activity 5:
emoji emoji
Source for all :

Activity 6:

Image result for two planes about to crash    Image result for 2Planes crash  Image result for people falling out of a airplane
Plane Crash
Second Picture
 Third Picture
 Fourth Picture

Activity 7:

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