Monday, March 27, 2017


                                              The Outgoing Owl
The Owl had awoken around the time of dusk. As he looked into the distance and his surroundings, for his stomach began to growl. He spread his furry brown wings and flew up into the stars. After a couple minutes, the owl had spotted a huddle of rats.They were next to a green dumpster behind his city's hotel plaza. He dived down ready to grab one of the gray helpless rats, but they all had scattered. The owl had flown back into the air hoping to find another pray once again. He saw a squirrel and quickly  attacked. After devouring the squirrel, the owl had started roaming back to the willow tree. The owl was flying closer to the streets of Los Angeles just incase he spotted another rat or squirrel. Usually at this time, the owl taken a certain way back to his willow tree but tonight. He felt a little adventurous. Leaning to the side the owl swooped in the left direction instead of going right. He had no idea where he was and how to get to the willow tree. The route owl took was on a more hectic and busy side of the city. When owl was looking around him and seeing things for the first time he wasn't looking in front of him. Before you know it.... BAM.
     "EEEEEEE"  the owl screeched as the blood from his wing oozed out.
Everything slowly started to fade and soon everything went black.