Friday, October 7, 2016

All About me

         Hi, Im Scarlett and I live in California. Some of my hobbies are swimming,singing,dancing,hanging out with my friends, and acting. The day of my birth is February 1st. I have a younger sister named Angelina,and two dogs named Spike and Penelope. The best subjects in school, for me are Math and Langue arts. I dance at Rage and study acting with Marine Cooper in studio city.My Favorite food is salad and my favorite stores are Brandy Melville and American Eagle Outfitters. Thursday is my favorite day of the week because the week is almost over and I can go home and sleep because thats my only day with nothing to do after school.My favorite colors are baby pink, baby blue and red. Last, New York University is my dream college.  


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  1. Hi Scarlett,

    This post has been flipped to the #16stubc magazine.

  2. Hi Scarlett,

    I really liked how you showed the planes crashing with only images, I knew exactly what was happening. What made you think of making that story?

    1. HI,
      well one of my biggest fears is planes, so when I was thinking of a story to do I thought of one of my fears to use as the conflict.

  3. Hi Scarlett,
    My name is Anthony we have two things in common, 1.We both want to go to New Work when we are young adults you might want to go for collage and I might want to go for a modeling career but it doesn't mater in the end we both want to go to New York for some reason, 2.We both have sisters.
    Don't forget to come check out my blog:

    PS: Don't forget to come check out my blog and don't forget to comment :))

    1. Great! lets get to know each other Anthony ;)