Monday, March 27, 2017


                                              The Outgoing Owl
The Owl had awoken around the time of dusk. As he looked into the distance and his surroundings, for his stomach began to growl. He spread his furry brown wings and flew up into the stars. After a couple minutes, the owl had spotted a huddle of rats.They were next to a green dumpster behind his city's hotel plaza. He dived down ready to grab one of the gray helpless rats, but they all had scattered. The owl had flown back into the air hoping to find another pray once again. He saw a squirrel and quickly  attacked. After devouring the squirrel, the owl had started roaming back to the willow tree. The owl was flying closer to the streets of Los Angeles just incase he spotted another rat or squirrel. Usually at this time, the owl taken a certain way back to his willow tree but tonight. He felt a little adventurous. Leaning to the side the owl swooped in the left direction instead of going right. He had no idea where he was and how to get to the willow tree. The route owl took was on a more hectic and busy side of the city. When owl was looking around him and seeing things for the first time he wasn't looking in front of him. Before you know it.... BAM.
     "EEEEEEE"  the owl screeched as the blood from his wing oozed out.
Everything slowly started to fade and soon everything went black.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Week Seven; Electives take the lead

This week for my Blogging Challenge I made a poll for my fellow students favorite subject. My choices were E.L.A, social studies, math, science, elective and P.E. Right now Elective has taken the lead with 12 votes. Pheona L. a friend of mine said "I like my elective because I can express who I am by selecting a activity that fits me". I have researched " Favorite Subject For Middle School"to see what other kids at other schools said and their favorite subject was math. In my opinion, I think that the kids base it of the teachers and homework.

Leave Me a Comment On your favorite subject and why!!

Gallup, Inc. "Math = Teens' Favorite School Subject." N.p., 15 June 2004. Web. 02 Dec. 2016.



Friday, October 7, 2016

All About me

         Hi, Im Scarlett and I live in California. Some of my hobbies are swimming,singing,dancing,hanging out with my friends, and acting. The day of my birth is February 1st. I have a younger sister named Angelina,and two dogs named Spike and Penelope. The best subjects in school, for me are Math and Langue arts. I dance at Rage and study acting with Marine Cooper in studio city.My Favorite food is salad and my favorite stores are Brandy Melville and American Eagle Outfitters. Thursday is my favorite day of the week because the week is almost over and I can go home and sleep because thats my only day with nothing to do after school.My favorite colors are baby pink, baby blue and red. Last, New York University is my dream college.  


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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

7 Random Facts About Me.

  • I have 2 Dogs.
  • My birth stone is an amethyst 
  • I am an actress.
  • I laugh really easily.
  • I chased a Monkey on an Island.
  • My birthday is on the super bowl every 6 years.
  • My second home is Maui,Hawaii